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An event...

SnowCamp is an event that gathers 250 developers on innovation and development (Web, Mobile, Java, Cloud, IoT…) for a 1-day of University on the 8th of February, and a 2-days Conference on the 9th and 10th of February 2017 in Grenoble (French Alps), followed by an skiing "unconference" on the 11th.

... dedicated to the innovation

This technical conference targets developers and researchers, mixing them to foster innovation. The keynote will feature lightning talks (5 minutes) where researchers and PhD students will present their research topics.

A city of excellence

Since the early stage of electricity, Grenoble has been a place of innovation: laboratories and industries at the forefront of technology have established themselves there, it was ranked #5 most innovative city in the world by Forbes magazine and it is now labelled “French Tech” as a recognition of its technical leadership in France. In Grenoble, innovation dug its roots in the surrounding mountains. That’s why the SnowCamp team organizes an "unconference" day following the conference where attendees will keep on sharing their knowledge and ideas in a less formal and more relax context, prone to creativity: the snowy slopes.

Why should you sponsor SnowCamp?

You need to recruit new talents, you want to set up or confirm your image in innovating communities, or spread the developers about your services and products; then the SnowCamp is the perfect opportunity!

To make possible those 2 days of conferences and workshops (with 3 parallel tracks, cumulating more than 30 presentations) with a very attractive price of 50 euros, your support is highly welcome.

All you need to do is to say “yes” to one of the sponsoring packs we’re proposing.

Note that the number of partnerships will be limited.

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SnowCamp last year

a project built in 4 months
a team of 14 people
130 CFP submissions
40 speakers
4 Universities
5 PhD lightning talks
32 conferences and hands-on labs
more than 200 attendees

Sponsors Chamois

BEEBUZZINESS is a people-centered company that has been developing innovative and eco-friendly digital publishing and multimedia enrichment solutions since 2001. With our digitization engine, your publications become accessible, long-lasting, multilingual and available on all devices without the need to download apps. When organized in a BEEVIRTUA© publication and media library, your documents and multimedia reap all the benefits of a true digital publishing ecosystem. Intuitive interfaces, advanced functionalities and smart enrichments make BEEVIRTUA© a unique solution that simplifies, facilitates and strengthens our clients’ communications. Our technology is eco-friendly and provides major cuts in publishing chain costs. In bringing together the ability to constantly update your documents and unit printing on demand, it greatly lowers your printing and inventory storage costs while reducing waste. We guarantee the collection, analysis and protection of your data in any situation.

Sponsors Étoile

The ForgeRock Identity Platform™ transforms the way millions of customers and citizens interact with businesses and governments online, providing better security, building relationships, and enabling new cloud, mobile, and IoT offerings from any device or connected thing. ForgeRock serves hundreds of brands, including Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as governments like Norway, Canada, and Belgium, among many others. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ForgeRock has offices in London, Paris, Grenoble, Bristol, Oslo, Sydney, and Vancouver (WA).

mgm technology partners in few words:

  • For more than two decades, mgm has been developing highly scalable, integrated and secure webapplication for public sector clients and insurances as well as for e-commerce companies.
  • We count among the leading software houses for java based application systems.
  • We are a team of more than 500 colleagues within 13 locations in Germany, Republic Czech, US, Vietnam, and France standing for our vision: Innovation implemented
  • mgm's software solutions: A12 (architecture and tools for model driven software development) and Cosmo (insurance solution)

We define our success by the number of systems put into operation and their contribution to the success of our clients' businesses. Based on our project methods, we dependably integrate innovative solutions into existing IT environments.

KAIZEN Solutions est une jeune entreprise de Services du Numérique à taille humaine.
Nous accompagnons de grands groupes industriels et des start-up du bassin grenoblois en apportant des solutions logicielles haut de gamme, sur toutes les couches du capteur jusqu'au cloud.
Nous souhaitons construire Kaizen grâce à des ingénieurs désireux d'apprendre et toujours prêts pour de nouveaux challenges !
Notre nom nous définit :

  • La mobilisation de tous dans une ambiance dynamique et constructive pour développer la créativité et l'excellence
  • La bonne humeur est le moteur de notre performance provides a Proxy-as-a-Service solution based on Web standards, that turns any API into a real-time stream of updates without requiring any server-side code. We poll APIs, cache the response, and push only incremental updates to your servers, applications and devices, allowing you to focus on your user experience! We also provide scalability for your API infrastructure with our caching capabilities, so you don't have to worry about becoming a victim of your success.

Or you can save time, share, grow. All while creating the right product.
Turning to outside help to build a technology is the fastest way to sell and deliver. On condition that the support team:

  • knows how to structure a project, and to iterate and develop with you;
  • chooses to work with you and makes your product its own;
  • complements your team until you’re fully proficient with the technology.

Sponsors Flocon

Elastic is the world's leading software provider for making structured and unstructured data usable in real time for use cases like search, logging, and analytics. Founded in 2012 by the people behind the Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash open source projects, the Elastic Stack, X-Pack, and Elastic Cloud have had more than 75 million cumulative downloads to date. Elastic is backed by Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures, and NEA with headquarters in Amsterdam and Mountain View, California, and offices and employees around the world. To learn more, visit

GitHub is how people build software. Millions of individuals and organizations around the world use GitHub to discover, share, and collaborate on software — from games and experiments to popular frameworks and leading applications. Together, we're defining how software is built today.

Michelin, the leading tire company, is dedicated to sustainably improving the mobility of goods and people by manufacturing and marketing tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles/motorcycles, earthmovers, farm equipment and trucks. It also offers electronic mobility support services on and publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in more than 170 countries, has 112,300 employees and operates 68 production plants in 17 different countries. The Group has a Technology Center in charge of research, development and process engineering, with operations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Algoo is specialized in Python / (react)js at Grenoble. We develop tailored web applications, we support your missions in software development - distributed architecture, tailored development, development industrialization, we work with the objectives of maintenability and time-to-market. We are tailored software developers.