The conference driving you (wal)nuts


What is SnowCamp?

First and foremost, it's a high-level technical conference that focuses on innovation. SnowCamp brings IT professionals and researchers together to discuss today's and tomorrow’s technologies.

SnowCamp is a unique concept: day-long workshops on Wednesday, to learn or improve a certain technology; a more classical conference on Thursday and Friday, with the bonus of allowing participants to discover research projects through 5 minutes pitches; a socializing and relaxing day on the snow, in the mountains, on Saturday.

Grenoble and the innovation

Since the early stage of electricity, Grenoble has been a place of innovation: laboratories and industries at the forefront of technology have established themselves there. It was ranked #5 most innovative city in the world by Forbes magazine and it is now labelled "French Tech" as a recognition of its technical leadership in France. In Grenoble, innovation dugs its roots in the surrounding mountains. That’s why the SnowCamp team organizes an "unconference" day following the conference where attendees will keep on sharing their knowledge and ideas in a less formal and more relax context, prone to creativity: the snowy slopes.


SnwoCamp is built around three main events:

  • the Universities, on Wednesday, offer the opportunity to discover a technology in depth and hands-on, through workshops that last half a day or the whole day,
  • the Conference, on Thursday and Friday, offers a more classical model: 45 minutes presentations. In 2017, the conference was structured around 4 tracks: Discovery, Web & Cloud, Security, IoT,
  • the Unconference, on Saturday, offers to speakers and attendees an opportunity to meet each others on the slopes of the Grenoble area.

The first two edition of SnowCamp gathered:

  • 2016: ~200 attendees and speakers
  • 2017: ~300 attendees and speakers
  • 2018: ~450 attendees and speakers
  • 2019: ~450 attendees and speakers

The unconference

A conference is more than just attending presentations, it's also the discussions with the other participants, meeting the speakers... What better to continue these exchanges other than a day in the open air? SnowCamp ends with a day on the skiing slopes, in order to take advantage of the exceptional surroundings of Grenoble.

So, are you coming?

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