Sponsor guide


The sponsorship-related tickets must be claimed by the sponsor through a login URL and a code provided by the Snowcamp organization around mid-November. Through this link, you can enter the information for each participant: name, first name, email, and meal preference (vegetarian or regular).
The ticket retrieval must be completed no later than December 31st before the conference. After this deadline, the "conference" tickets will no longer be retrievable by the sponsor and will be made available for public purchase.
There are two types of tickets:
  • Conference Ticket: Grants access to the conference on Thursday and Friday and allows attendance at talks/schuss during both days.
  • Stand Ticket: Grants access to the conference on Thursday and Friday but only to the sponsors' hall (containing the booths), the atrium of the WTC. It does not allow access to presentations (talks/schuss).

Ticket sharing

The ticket for a single seat obtained during registration allows you to receive a badge on Thursday morning during the welcome session. Each ticket is personalized and typically cannot be transferred. However, we tolerate companies sharing badges among their employees over the 2 days. Thus, for each ticket/seat, it is possible for you to send one person on Thursday and another on Friday.
The badge will be necessary for entry on Friday morning. The transfer of the badge between the person on Thursday and the one on Friday must be managed on your end. We do not distribute two badges for a single ticket. Upon arrival on Friday, the person can affix a label to put their name on the badge.
Please note that the meal preference (regular or vegetarian) will be the one indicated in the Billetweb platform by December 31st. Beyond this date, we proceed with the order from our caterer (and the printing of badges). Therefore, ensure that the choice is compatible with the preferences of both individuals sharing the badge.

The booth ETOILE

The Star booth is 9m² (3m x 3m). It is marked on the ground. By default, it includes: 1 table, 2 chairs, an electrical outlet, and a metal display screen (163 cmH x 83 cm L). The maximum height of the booth should not exceed 2m40. The ground load of the products should not exceed 500kg/m2.
No direct display on the walls, partitions, and pillars of the congress center is allowed. It is mandatory to provide additional support if needed, in addition to the provided display screen.

Content of the booth

There is no list defining what is prohibited or allowed. The Snowcamp organizing team should be contacted for anything that may deviate from the norm of a conference booth.
Regarding food, there are three concerns:
  1. Hygiene: Food must be handled in a hygienic manner.
  2. Cleanliness: You must leave your booth location in a proper state so that it does not require an unusual amount of cleaning.
  3. Cooking: Cooking can be a source of problems, such as the risk of fire or electrical overload. Therefore, gas appliances are not accepted. However, an appliance for warming up crepes is acceptable.

Rent material

It is possible to order additional equipment through the WTC, but it must be done through the Snowcamp organization. The catalog is available here. The request for equipment should be addressed to the Snowcamp organizing team, who will provide you with the pricing. An invoice will be issued and must be settled no later than 7 days BEFORE the start of the conference. Failure to make the payment within the specified period will result in the non-provision of the requested equipment.

(Un)Installation of the booth

The booth setup can take place on Wednesday afternoon (2:00 PM to 5:30 PM) starting from the beginning of Snowcamp. The booths must be dismantled no later than Friday at 6:00 PM. The WTC has a freight elevator and a regular elevator. Access to the freight elevator is through Rue de la Frise, between the World Trade Center Grenoble and Grenoble Ecole Management.


The entire congress center is equipped with WiFi access points. Compatible devices include computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and any equipment certified for WiFi 802.11a/b/g:

The access code will be provided to you later.

Plan of booths

Kit de communication

A communication kit is available to assist you in promoting Snowcamp.
You can use our logo: vector format, PNG format.