Le Tremplin de Snowcamp

In short

Le Tremplin de SnowCamp is an event organized alongside the SnowCamp conference. Its purpose is to support local first-time speakers for their first conference through personalized coaching lasting about 2 months. Candidate is coached from ideation to the final 20-minute session, that will take place at a dedicated mini-conference where the talks will be filmed. Following a vote, 2 of the participants will be selected to replay their session at the SnowCamp conference.


Would you like to give your first conference but you don't dare to do it alone?
Would you like to have advice and be accompanied?

Then Le Tremplin de SnowCamp is for you!

To offer free individual support to people wishing to start as a speaker. Our volunteer team of experienced coaches will help you during all the stages of preparing your first 20-minute conference, up to your speech in front of an audience during the Tremplin evening in Grenoble.

And that's not all! The Tremplin audience will choose 2 talks during the evening, which will be automatically selected for the SnowCamp conference program that will take place from 22nd of Jan - 25th of Jan 2025.

Principle of the Tremplin:
Among the proposals received, we will select 6 people to accompany them in defining the idea of their talk, structuring, realization and rehearsals until the D-Day of the conference. Each participant will benefit from personal coaching to assist him in the realization of his 20-minute talk, on the same categories as Snowcamp.

Whether you already have a well-defined talk idea, or you are simply very motivated by a theme but with a more vague idea, do not hesitate to submit your proposal and your motivations: the Tremplin is made for that!

Who can participate?
The Tremplin CFP (call for papers) is reserved for first-time speakers who have never given a public conference (meetups or internal conferences do not count).

Talk categories

  • Cloud & DevOps : everything related to tools, methods, and solutions for deploying, testing, and running applications.
  • UX & Frontend : everything related to the frontend of our apps: user experience, design, user interfaces, from approaches to tools and technologies, including web and mobile.
  • Language, Backend & Security : everything related to programming languages, the backend of our apps, and security: best practices, frameworks, performance...
  • Architecture, Data & AI : architecture models, design and development paradigms, data management, and everything related to artificial intelligence.
  • Off-road : everything that goes off the beaten track and does not fit into the other tracks, keeping in mind a technical audience of developers.

Previous editions

Le Tremplin de Snowcamp was launched in 2023.

Participants and coaches of the 2023 edition

Here are the recordings of the talks selected during previous editions, for those who have accepted their public broadcast :